Offshore Contact Center Philippines Part 1

According to Russ Sandlin, the Philippines is becoming a more favorable location for placement of call center work. Unlike in the past, Americans are no longer attracted to call center work creating a talent vacuum. This void must be filled and the demand for qualified agents is growing with every passing day.

The Philippines has become the preferred location for a call center business because the caliber of education as well as English communication skills are of a higher quality in the Philippines compared to other Asian countries.

Offshore Contact Center Philippines Part 2

Russ Sandlin stated the Philippine government has done a great job to help the BPO industry in The Philippines. The Philippines annual growth rate in the BPO space has exceeded 30%. Competition for the Philippines is the Caribbean and Latin America, because of the reduced travel time from America. On the same day US based company can visit Latin American sites and be back in the office. To visit a Manila site you will spend a whole day flying one way. The English language skills in the Philippines is much better than the English found in Latin America, however, The Philippines must continue to promote English Language training. Previously Mr. Sandlin brought expatriates to set up the call centers in the Philippines. Mr. Sandlin now sees a talented pool of Pinoy Management emerging, replacing the more expensive North American managers.

"The Rise of Philippine Outsourcing Documentary"

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